How to Be a Better Boss?

I landed into my first job when I was 21, one and a half months after graduating a degree from a Polytechnic University. At first I thought that work life would be the best stage in every person’s life. The idea of being financial independent supports my adrenaline to work hard, and harder, and harder! I was dreaming to buy a car for myself, a big house for my parents and of course, to enjoy luxurious life which had not experienced during my school days. In short, for me job means greener pasture to become wealthy.

how to be a better boss

I was hired as part-time faculty member in one of the biggest university in the county, and later became a full-time but not a regular one. So ironic that in four years stay in the university, three persons took the office of the School Director.

Their different managing styles was never been an issue. I was young, full of energy, enthusiastic and overwhelmed on new discoveries and learning. Until the time which resulted to parting ways from the university. I cannot denied that it made me stronger, a big part of becoming who I am today.

To be continued…..

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Mufresin for Cough

So its been a month since the last short article had been posted in this blog; it was my mother’s 61st birthday celebration.

I had hectic schedule the past days so do I today. When my son arrived in the office bursting a short word “it’s lunch break!” I had the feeling to stop for a while from working and take a short nap. Until suddenly, there was something in my throat that urge me to cough continuously as if really itching inside. So instead of getting into nap with my Micky Mouse pillow I opted to dissolve Mufresin in a half-cup of warm water for a drink.

Mufresin has been my partner for the past two days now and seems to provide positive result on my coughing problem. Each package has 200g soluble powder in orange taste compatible in both lukewarm and cold water. It does not have unpleasant taste neither medicine after-taste when drinking.



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It’s your 61st Birthday, Momma.

What can you do to make your mother’s request possible?

She wants to visit Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon in her 61st birthday, sounds impossible not because of its location, not because of expenses but because of the  common availability time I and my siblings have. And she wants us to be complete, as in complete! How about the sudden climate change in the top of the mountain in Lucban which the Kamay ni Hesus is located, no one can predict the season as we all know that there is no accurate records of time to rain and to shine. Is it possible to join the little kid – the source of the family’s joy? But we have to conquer everything to make her happy.

And it was a successful one! For you my momma, Happy Birthday and we love you all.

knj knj1 knj2 knj4 knj3

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I love Native Filipino Foods

So what’s new?

I’d been in hiatus for quite some times for personal errands. As usual I tried to find my site page rank increases but it seems that pagerank dot com still snobs my site. But anyway it doesn’t matter seriously. As much as I love what I am doing, and happy in writing any thing under the sun it doesn’t affect much.

Hey, for the fast days I’d been dealing in many things. Here are some of the photos taken during each activities. Check out!


One kind of the New Year’s fruit in my table is Chesa (I don’t know the English name of this fruit) which my sister loves most. So I decided to give her one. The picture was taken in one Sunday afternoon while I and my daughter together with my mother walk to her house for a routine visitation.


Oh wow. This yummy, milky and delicious Filipino dessert is called Halo-halo. Normally, it has mixed gelatin, beans, sweetened banana, jackfruit, milk and crushed ice with leche plan topping, but the Razon’s of Pampanga serves it limited to banana, macapuno, crushed ice, milk and leche plan. Despite of limited ingredients it serves so delicious. But oh, oh….I best love the halo-halo in Padre Garcia, Batangas. The best!

filipino food

Well, one day I had visitors from Private Education Assistance Committee  (PEAC), a monitoring and validation team which monitors private school enrollment for the availment of financial assistance specifically for Senior High School students. It was a surprised visit so anything had been planned ahead, there was a high tension in everybody involves in the visitation. Just to offer something to eat, we offered all native food from the school canteen (thanks, foods were ready) – palabok, turon, pitchi-pitchi, puto and of course we prepared cups for the native Kapeng Barako ng Batangas (cafe de Lipa brand) and Nestle fresh milk.

That’s all for the meantime. I wrote today just to remind you that hey, I am still alive.



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A brand New Year!

I woke up like never has change, like no plans at all! Well actually I almost gave up my temper by the fact that there was no available transport service from the transport terminal to my workplace.  But then the God has His way to bring me safe and on time on work. Thanks be to God.

Before reaching my office I realized that company ID and door keys were left home. Oh, another problem! So I waited the HR Supervisor who happens to have a duplicate key to be able to come inside my office. Whew, another problem solve. Thanks be to God.

Starting the day right is my ultimate goal today so I keep myself composed, pay a little smile and took some pictures of myself just for the record of how did I look on the first day of work. Finally, when I get done of all the routines I did my first working day of 2017 round in the whole building which actually a routine for me every morning to check should things are in order for a day operation. So I bumped in with another temperament challenge. Some students are loitering around because teacher is on-leave. With composure and self-control I talk to the SHS Coordinator to clear some things regarding the absence of the teacher, to  know his plans about the situation and to remind him the policy that no classes should be left by themselves. I made it without raising tone; I made it calmly (new thing for me!) Thanks be to God.

The Lord really works in everything, I really can feel His presence regardless of time and place. He is everywhere! I feel completely satisfied and feel comfortable working this time, I am engross with His words, with His promises. Believing to Him is the best thing all of us can do to make everything’s right. Living in simplicity, truthful, honest and selfless…..the keys to becoming a happy person.


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No one beats Batangas Lomi

Have anyone heard about Batangas Lomi?

picture credit: @tuguyin
picture credit: @tuguyin

Lomi believes to originate from Chinese but as times goes by variations occur in different regions by which Batangas Lomi stand out most. In a glance it looks like less delicious, less of vegetables. What makes it tasty is the combination of chopped onions and calamansi juice mixed in light soy sauce and chili. Ready mixed sauce serves as gravy of the noodles sauteed with garlic, kekiam, pig’s liver, ham and other seasoning to taste, topped with crunchy chicharon, boiled egg and chopped onion leeks.


LBN Lomi House & Lutong Bahay is one of the known Lomi kitchen in the province of Batangas, preferrably in Lipa City. In anytime of the day the store always jam packed of clients in all walks of life. During lunch break customers have to wait and reserve for a table in order for them to accommodate. Most likely, customer can not come alone but in a group or with their family.

LBN Lipa is located in Brgy. Inosluban in Lipa City almost close to the toll exit to Manila (Balete Exit).



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Taste of Goodness


After a four days holiday in the celebration of Christmas, all employees had been instructed to report for work and I am not excluded to the call. It was a cold morning that my body resists to move up for a quick bath – my daughter still on her deep sleep so as to my son.  So envious.

Everyone in the office seems to left their soul at home, have the same lazy and sleepy feelings to do routine office errands. No new e-mail and viber message, no slack notification….. good news? or not? Until someone invited for a lunch out to celebrate holidays. We found ourselves in the newly opened food store in SM, the Mesa!


Wow, foods serve deliciously, and the shakes are in variety… oh my, have you heard  Sampalok (Tamarind) Shake or Kamias Shake? But I preferred Samapalok and Water Melon for my acquaintance.


It was really a delicious taste of a full meal. For the four of us, we cannot take away a cup of rice for each of us to partner with the grilled pork, braised beef, sinigang na salmon head and tinapa full wrapped in lettuce. Burp! But wait, there is our dessert… fried leche plan!

grid-liempo braised-beef tinapa-roll salmon-head fried-leche-plan

Billed for only Php 1,535.00. Not bad for a company of four.

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Noche Buena Package


Another Thank You post for the City Mayor Antonio Halili and his team for the Noche Buena package sent to every household in Tanauan City, Batangas. This is just happened for the very first time in the history of Tanauan City.

Credit to: Tanauan City's Hope Page
Credit to: Tanauan City’s Hope Page

Salute to you, Mayor!

Credit to: Tanauan City's Hope Page
Credit to: Tanauan City’s Hope Page


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Kids love EK


And whenever there is an opportunity for the kids and kids-at-heart to unwind and spend time together Enchanted Kingdom (EK) is surely included in the list. The Christmas Holiday Season is a good chance to fulfill the eagerness to enjoy a bit.

Half an hour away from Manila district (without traffic) the prestigious EK can be reached. It is properly situated in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, another busy industrialized city closed to Cavite province.

EK is open daily to accommodate guests in different operation hours normally after lunch time until 9:00 in the evening. Tickets can be bought at the gate but there are tickets available sold for groups through outside travel agencies who manage students and group tours in a lower rate.  A discount of Php100.00 to Php200.00 is not bad.

But remember to bring no food and pet inside the theme park area. The gate attendants will scrutinize guest’s bags for security and rules implementation. However, foods are available inside (in high price) so better yet bring extra money for meals, and for souvenir, of course.


Few days before the start of New Year, let’s have some fun.

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Shopping is Hassle Free


Christmas rush is everywhere this day – in the malls, in the flea market, tiangge, ready-to-wear stores. To ovoid rubbing elbows and super tight-moving shopping I opted online shopping thru Lazada early December in a non-COD policy. There were three (3) ordered items which being paid thru Hello Pay in 7-Eleven, and to my dismay delivered by piece. So bad that until now the last item is not yet settled!

lazada-package lazada-shoes

This time I just felt frustrated to the Lazada’s service. It has been two weeks since payment was settled.


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